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Stream Shop is an affiliate marketing distribution platform dedicated to marketing products via interactive, shoppable shows. That's right... SHOPPABLE SHOWS! 


Here, viewers can watch the shows they love while buying those must-have items on the screen right then and there! It's video streaming, meets online shopping, for an interactive viewing/shopping experience like never before! 

Meet The Founder

Sheriee Nicole Thomas

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Sheriee Nicole is the CEO and Founder of Stream Shop. She is a small business owner and an awarding-winning independent digital series producer, She studied Fashion Merchandising at FIDM and also earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Management & Marketing. In 2016, she founded RieeMixed Productions, a digital series and TV production company. 

Like many women of color, independent producers, Sheriee was constantly hard-pressed to find funding for her projects. She thought that getting retail brands to sponsor her shows would be a great solution to this problem, but with a marketplace flooded with this type of content, she had to give brands an incentive to work with her.  She needed to create a win-win situation. Sheriee had to find a way to get her projects financed while allowing for brands to see an immediate return on their investment. And thus, Stream Shop was born! 


Stream Shop allows Sheriee to combine her love for fashion, marketing, and producing to help other marginalized, small-business owners and creators just like her. Creators who just want an opportunity to showcase their work and businesses who just want to creatively and affordably market their products with a quick ROI. Together, with a stellar Stream Shop team, Sheriee believes she can help them do just that!

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